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Interlude is a contemporary restaurant located in Horsham and set within the historic woodland gardens of Leonardslee Estate. Chef Jean Delport and his team are committed to providing each and every guest with a place to interact with nature and eat from the land in an unexpected food journey. An ever-changing set menu draws inspiration from our listed gardens, produce grown in Interlude’s own vegetable gardens or surrounding land and by local farmers where organic principles are employed. Our menu is guided by what is available in our garden,and what we can get from our local suppliers. We strive to build our pantry through patient harvesting and preservation, taking food back to basics and showcase old traditional produce where possible. Our unique cuisine is built on old and new techniques and we endeavor to show enormous respect for nature and seasonality by bringing our gardens to life within the restaurant. Our cooking has become an expression of where we are, using what we have around us to create intricate simplicity. Enjoy our dégustation menus at Restaurant Interlude and explore the vast range of alluring tasting dishes.